An Introduction to The California Casualty Insurance Company

California Casualty was founded in 1914 as the California Casualty Indemnity Exchange, a customer-owned company offering workers compensation coverage. By 1917, it was also selling automobile insurance. Home owners (property) insurance policies were sold beginning in 1954. Today the company additionally offers Personal Liability Umbrella (also called a Personal Umbrella Policy or PUP in the insurance industry), Flood, Boat, RV, Snowmobile, Earthquake and Pet insurance products through its business partners and subsidiaries. It is currently headquartered in San Mateo, California, and sells automobile insurance policies in 43 states plus the District of Columbia. It is family-owned and is still run by the original founding family's fourth generation.

The California Casualty Management Company is a niche market insurer offering policies to people in the following professions: law enforcement or peace officers, fire fighting, nursing and education (as well as higher education). The company does not sell insurance products to the general public. Since 1951 it has been endorsed by the California Teachers Association (CTA) to provide home and automobile insurance to its members. It also enjoys the endorsements of the National Education Association (NEA), the National Volunteer Fire Council, and many other associations related to its client base. Because this company is a niche-market insurer, it can offer specially tailored benefits such waiving deductibles for vehicle damage for customers who are educators if their vehicle is vandalized within 500 feet of school property.

Reporting an automobile accident or loss is relatively easy with California Casualty. Claims adjusters do work normal business hours, but the company's call centers (all based in the US) make it possible for policy holders to report claims 24/7. The company does have an Express Auto Repair Network (EARN) of recommended and approved body shops. It is not mandatory that customers use the EARN shops, but those shops do offer lifetime warranties on their repairs, which the company backs up with a warranty of its own. EARN shops use OEM parts.

Windshield claims can be reported to the company via telephone at 1-800-800-9410. As with many other insurance companies, if the windshield can be repaired rather than replaced, the applicable deductible will be waived.

California Casualty is currently rated an A- (Excellent) by the A.M. Best Company, the leading independent global insurance industry auditor. This rating indicates a strong ability to honor financial obligations such as the payment of outstanding claims. The insurer’s official website claims that the company has no liquidity issues and no balance sheet debt.

Whether you are an investor, or shopping around for an automobile insurance policy, this seems to be a company to keep your eye on. Before you make a final decision about which company to purchase a policy from, make sure to get a quote from this one also. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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