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The Encompass Insurance Company has been around for more than 25 years. Previously the personal lines insurance division of CNA Financial, it was purchased by the Allstate Insurance Company in 1999 and given its current name. Encompass focuses on personal insurance policies for individuals, rather than commercial policies. As a subsidiary of the Allstate Insurance group of companies, Encompass benefits from Allstate’s experience (both the good and the bad) of nearly a century. Though lesser known than its parent company, it also benefits greatly from Allstate’s financial standing, which includes an A+ (Superior) rating by the A.M. Best Company as of December 2010. Allstate provides reinsurance for Encompass.

Encompass sells its personal policies through independent agents who may also sell the policies of other insurers. An agent may be found through the official Encompass website, which also allows policy holders to pay their premiums online by credit or debit card, as well as by traditional mail. Encompass does not offer the option to obtain an insurance quote or purchase a policy online; those must be done through one of their independent agents. As of July 2011, Encompass Insurance does not provide insurance products in the following states: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming.

Encompass insurance products include the typical automobile and homeowners policies, as well as motorcycle and boat, a universal security policy (USP, which is a bundling of other policies into one), coverage for home-based businesses and identity fraud policies. This can be convenient since multiple items can be insured under one policy number and one premium; no more multiple insurance bills.

Encompass offers customers the ability to report new losses or claims 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year through their customer service line; 1-800-588-7400. Like most other insurers, This insurance company does have a preferred vendor program (sometimes also called a direct repair program) for vehicle and glass repair, and guarantees quality repairs if one of their recommended vendors is used to repair claim-related damage.

Encompass touts high customer satisfaction and retention rates, though J.D. Powers 2011 National Auto Insurance Study failed to strongly agree with that claim. The Encompass website is very informative, but refreshingly simple in appearance; it doesn’t make it appear that many of your premium dollars are really paying for company glitz. This is a low-profile company, and that should be reflected in their premiums.

Whether you are an investor, or shopping around for an automobile insurance policy, this seems to be a company to keep your eye on. Before you make a final decision about which company to purchase a policy from, make sure to get a quote from this one also. You could be pleasantly surprised.

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