Accident Photographs Win Case for Injured Man in San Marcos, Texas

by Fernando
(Austin, TX)

I was driving down Hwy 35 from San Marcos to San Antonio in the center lane when I noticed the pickup truck in the lane in front of me swerving sharply to the right. It was dark out so it took me a second to realize that there was a car completely stopped in front of me with no lights on. I couldn’t swerve to the left or right because of other cars. I braked but must have been going about 50 mph when I hit that car in the rear. I was driving my old Jaguar so there was no airbag, but I wasn’t too hurt to get out and see what the heck was going on after a moment or so. Everyone around us stopped because the impact was so hard. There was no one even in the driver’s seat of the car I hit. There was a guy passed out in the front passenger seat and he had beer cans all over him.

I called my girlfriend who worked for USAA at the time. She told me to take pictures or no one would believe my side of the story. I always carry a camera with me because I’m in sales. I took pictures of the car stopped in the lane with no lights on, and some pictures of the guy still passed out in the front seat. He didn’t wake up until the police officer poked him.

My Jaguar was a total loss and I didn’t get much for it because it was so old. At least they let me keep the cat from the hood. I did get a lot of money for my injury claim. I wasn’t hurt too bad, but apparently the insurance company didn’t want a jury to see the pictures of the guy passed out in the front seat with beer cans everywhere. I really think that if I hadn’t had my camera and called my girlfriend, my insurance company would have paid the other guy because I rear-ended him.

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