Age and Gender Do Affect Some Personal Injury Claim Values

by Tom M.

I recently handled a claim for an older gentleman whose automobile accident left him with a facial scar. He was unhappy with the money offered to settle the disfigurement portion of his case. He said “I bet you wouldn’t tell me to take this money if I was a girl.” My honest response: “You’re absolutely right.”

There is no magic formula to evaluating personal injury cases, but age and gender can have an impact on injury case values, especially when scars are involved. Whether you think it is fair or not, demographics do play a role in values. A scar on the cheek of a young single woman is worth far more than a scar on the cheek of a man with most of his life behind him. Based on age alone, we can assume that the younger woman will have to live with the scar for much longer than the older man will. Both people might feel self-conscious about the disfigurement, but the young woman’s scar could conceivably affect her dating, marriage and eventual family, especially in a society so wrapped up in physical appearance.

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