Arbitration Forums Inc Panelist Shares Key Tip on Submitting Evidence to Win Your Case

by Lisa
(Clarksburg, MD)

As a panelist for Arbitration Forums, Inc, I hear countless insurance claim cases that I cannot award money on because of lack of evidence. Usually the one most valuable piece of missing evidence is: PHOTOGRAPHS. Sometimes I will get a picture of a vehicle quarter panel (or other car part) with damage on it. All that I can see is the quarter panel (or other car part). There is nothing in the picture to identify the vehicle make and model. Usually the photograph is a black-and-white Xerox copy. They could be photographs of anyone’s car. Claims adjusters should submit color photographs, and many of them; at least one should include the license plate number.

Another example of poor picture-taking are skid mark photographs. A company will submit a photograph of skid marks to indicate that one party or the other was either speeding or went over the center line or something of the like. However, the photos will literally just be lines on blacktop. There will be nothing in the photographs to identify the accident scene or who left the skid marks; panelists cannot tell when or where the photographs were taken, let alone who left them on the roadway. Perhaps if the photographer had backed up some I would be able to verify that the photographs were even taken at the accident scene. Then they would have some value.

Arbitration Forums awards millions of dollars each year. That figure would jump if more cases were submitted with proper or complete evidence.

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