Assault and Arson: Intentional Acts

Reader question:While i was doing my paper route a man and his father assaulted me and broke my arm. The father's home owners insurance company,(both his home owners policy and his business insurance policy) is saying it was an intentional act and they are not liable. I live in Methuen, MA, and that is where the incident took place. I am not sure of there insurance companies name but it seems wrong to me. If I intentionally burned down someones house, wouldn't the insurance still cover it for the home owner? My arm will never be the same and my lawyer is telling me there isn't much we can do....please help...thank you.... R. Spada, USA

Our Answer: Thank you for your question.

What your attorney and the insurance company for the people who assaulted you are saying is true: intentional acts are not covered by home owners insurance. Assault is also a crime, and home owners insurance policies list criminal acts committed by their policy holders as excluded from coverage.

Your point about arson being potentially covered by a homeowners policy is true, but completely different. If a homeowner burns down their own home intentionally, it is a case of arson and then their insurance company would not cover it.

However, if YOU intentionally burned down someone else's house, the insurance policy on that house would cover the damage because their policy holder was not to blame. Then that insurance company would come after you for restitution, and any insurance policy that YOU had would not step in to help you because you committed an intentional act.

We hope that this answers your question.

This answer is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of competent, local legal counsel.

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