Attorney Mediator Howard L. Metz, Esquire Review

by Elisabeth F.

Howard L. Metz, Esquire has been practicing law in for almost 30 years. His legal practice is currently located in downtown Frederick, Maryland. Mr. Metz is admitted to the bar in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Unlike some attorneys who dabble in many areas of the law, Metz concentrates his practice almost exclusively on personal injury claims. His extensive experience handling such claims makes him an appealing mediator to Plaintiffs, Defendants and insurance companies. Attorney Metz is an approved Mediator for the Frederick County Circuit Court.

Mr. Metz is consistently rated one of Frederick's Top Lawyers by his peers in Frederick Magazine's yearly poll. This distinction is well deserved. Our own website contributors have presented many cases before him in Mediation and have been impressed with his extreme professionalism and ability to grasp the most important issues in the cases before him. His experience and demeanor enable him to put first-time participants at ease and make both the Plaintiff and Defendant feel comfortable with the Mediation process.

This article is written for informational purposes and is not intended to take the place of competent, local legal counsel.

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