California Reader Comments on Allied Insurance and Glass Coverage

by GR
(California )

I recently had the great opportunity to have my windshield broken by a flying rock on the freeway. While taking my BMW to the dealer for some maintenance items, I got a quote from the BMW Dealer to replace my windshield. Of course it was pricy. When I had my agent call for the claim I received a claim number and then called the number provided. Well guess who answered?. Safelite glass Company: they are the glass replacement people for Allied (poor choice) unfortunately.

I was asked the usual and summary questions. I provided the quote from the dealer $1789.00. I was greeted with "we will pay 635.00 towards your windshield", to which I said "NO!" I called my agent and explained what happened. To my benefit when I insured my 2 BMW'S the agent gave me OEM replacement coverage. This 50.00 option saved me the total cost of my windshield except for my $100.00 deductible. The dealer replaced my windshield and everything is good.

FYI: If you drive expensive cars please get the OEM coverage. It will save you a lot of time and expense. As for Safelite; after talking to them I'd never have them touch my lawn mower. Their customer service is really bad and they do not use OEM glass; it is AFTER MARKET....BEWARE.... I think Allied should really take a look at whom they get to represent them. Everything is first class with Allied except this. I was really surprised and dismayed with the glass part of Allied. Step it up Allied!.

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