Call the Police if You Suspect Vandalism (Reader Question About Denial)

by Dorothy L.
(Baltimore, MD)

Although I had received outstanding care when I had a minor accident in November of 2010,my recent claim was denied. Initially, my direct Agent Jody was great. I had hesitated even calling her over this claim because I had just had an accident in November. However, I was on leave from my two jobs since I was having a crisis in the family and did not have the extra money to have this repaired. In addition, I had no safety belt, and I had more than suspected that someone was hitting on my car with some type of chemicals. I noticed that when I got into my car and after driving for awhile, I would start forgetting where I was going and felt disoriented. I always locked the car.

One day, I got into the car, put on my safety belt, and something wet on safety belt below the portion right below my face had stung my hand. I looked around the car and under the mats. I did see several oily stains. I knew this was foul play. Someone had my keys. My mom still had her set, and I had both of my sets. Nothing was missing.

I decided to call the agent now that I could not use the safety belt. She was great to me and lined up an Allstate suggested Auto Repair in Woodlawn. I was delighted. She had put in for me a new safety belt, carpeting, and to reset the keys! However, the claims adjuster had the claim refused because he called it normal wear. I explained my symptoms to him, and how I concluded that someone had a set of keys. He did not want to hear this even though the claim would have been about $600. I further suspected that someone who was trying to cause me trouble, may now have called him and said I was wrong.

Such is the growing native terrorism in parts of Maryland. Every month, I pay $245 on a 2006 Corrolla. It has always been that high, given I live in the city. Any suggestions?

Fortunately, all of the hits on my car has stopped.

Staff response: It is always our advice that if you are being terrorized, whether by someone you know or not, it is best to notify the authorities. The sooner you do so, the better. If you did so in this case, you can present a copy of the police report to your insurance company. Not only might it increase the chance that you receive payment for your claim, but notifying the authorities will also protect you and your mother. We are sincerely glad that no more serious harm came to you.

This article is approved for informational purposes and is not intended to take the place of competent local legal counsel.

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