Choosing an Insurance Company that is Right for You

Do you need help choosing an insurance company that is right for you? Do you get confused by all of the major (and minor) insurance companies bombarding you with their marketing efforts, competing for your business? If so, you are not alone; far from it. Plus, there is more to consider than just the price of the policy.

Some people get so confused or fed up that they just settle for the first company they can get through to, or the insurance agent that is closest to their home or work. But if you spend a little time, you can enjoy some real savings and perhaps even find an insurer that you can do business with for life. Here are some helpful hints to aid you in choosing an insurance company:

First of all, it helps to consider not only your current insurance needs, but your anticipated ones as well. Do you just need one line of insurance, such as automobile? Or do you own or rent a home? Do you have other types of vehicles, such as a motorcycle, ATV or RV? Will you need life insurance, or expect to in the near future. If so, many insurance companies offering multiple types of insurance offer discounts for purchasing more than one type of policy. Find an insurance company that offers all of the types of policies that you might need.

Consider the availability of the company. Some insurers do business only over the internet or via the telephone, while others also offer neighborhood agents that you can drop in on. Do you want a brick-and-mortar company or is an online company good for you?

Call the company; not just an agent or call center, but the claims office. Are the employees kind and friendly? Are they irritated if you explain that you are in the process of choosing an insurance company and just have some questions? Are these people that make you believe they will want to help you if or when you need it?

Do some online research. You can do this at any time. Just beware of anonymous reviews that offer no specifics; look for detailed reviews that seem valid and sincere. Check the company's A.M. Best rating; how likely is it that the company will be around to pay your claim if you need it?

Remember that quotes are always free. Get a quote from at least three different companies. Call the different insurance companies yourself rather than rely on one insurer to tell you what others will charge you. That is because if you speak directly to an agent, he or she will be more motivated to give you the best possible rate the company has to offer. Ask about discounts; not only does the company offer them, but will you qualify? Don’t settle for “well, we will see”.

Be prepared to spend some time in your search. You could save a lot of money. If you find the right insurance company to begin with, you also save yourself from having to go through the whole process of choosing an insurance company again in the near future. Think long term; it is a hassle to change insurance companies and the longer an insurance company has your business, the more they want to keep you so long as your driving and claims record remains reasonable.

Note to our readers: do you have any tips about choosing an insurance company to share with the rest of our online community? What was your experience when you last shopped around for an insurance company? How did you finally choose one?

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