Dan's Auto Body in Frederick, MD Gets Great Customer Review

by Faye
(Myersville, MD)

Dan’s Auto Body in Frederick, Maryland is the only body shop that I will have do work on my three cars. I first went to

Dan’s Auto Body a few years ago after being involved in an accident with an Allstate policy holder. Dan’s was one of Allstate’s preferred shops. I think they still are. Then I was rear-ended a couple of years later by a Progressive policy holder. Dan’s Auto Body was one of their preferred body shops also. I’ve now recommended Dan’s to my husband when he recently had an accident, as well as to friends and family.

I think that it is smart for insurance companies to associate with Dan’s Auto Body. The shop is not very large and I have seen the people working there every time I have been in. Turnover must be low, which leads me to believe that it must be a good place to work. My vehicle repairs were complete when I was told they would be, and the quality of work has been great. They even found some prior damage to the undercarriage my husband’s Saturn and we let them fix that.

I hope that Dan’s Auto Body remains open for years to come so that I don’t ever have to worry about finding a new body shop that I can trust.

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