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This is the disclosure statement for InsuranceClaimsHelpForYou.com.

Our ultimate goal is to help educate you about how to handle your insurance claim, whether it involves personal injury (bodily injury) or not. The material contained in this website is intended to provide useful information to you, our reader. Everything we write about on this website is based upon our experiences in the insurance claim handling field. Just because something worked for us doesn’t mean it will necessarily work for you. We are different people, with different skill-sets and levels of ambition.

It is also not our intent to engage in rendering legal advice. If legal advice is needed it should be obtained from your local legal counsel.

In our pages, we make the effort to avoid gender distinctions; we do not intend to imply anything through their use. In some cases, we have used a singular pronoun for the sake of clarity.

Throughout our website you may see ads and/or product recommendations. Please realize we will never recommend a product that we consider to be inferior. Your opinion of the product might differ from our opinion, though.

If you see a reader testimonial on this website, it is real. We do not pay for testimonials. We do not fake a testimonials or pay readers to "say something good" about a product or company. Please keep in mind that whatever the person says is their opinion and not necessarily our opinion.

All web-form submissions become property of this website and are protected by federal copyright laws. If you want to "copy the content" simply use the "play it forward" button at the bottom of the web-page and you will be able to upload the HTML directly into your website or blog.

We want you to consider this website a resource center and online community. We want to educate you by sharing the experiences, the successes, and sometimes the mistakes shared by our contributors, and by our readers. We hope that you are able to find value in these resources. And we hope you share your successes and testimonials with the rest of our community. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for reading our disclosure statement.

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