Does a Speed Monitoring System (Camera) Ticket Affect Your Insurance Rates

I just received a ticket in the mail from our local police department (Frederick, Maryland). Apparently my vehicle was photographed going 14 miles over the speed limit, so I got a speeding ticket. Since there is photographic evidence, I really don't see the point in fighting the $40 fine. Will this affect my auto insurance rates? Daniel, Frederick, MD

Thank you for your question. May we assume that the reason you are asking us this question, as opposed to asking your insurance agent, is that you do not want to 'fess up if you don't have to? You do not have to worry.

A quick check with the Frederick, Maryland police department indicates that ticket resulting from a speed zone monitoring system this is a civil violation: it is NOT a moving violation. (Maryland Transportation Article 21-809) This means that your ticket is on the same level of severity as a parking ticket. Since it is NOT a moving violation, no points can be assessed against your driver's license and it will NOT raise your insurance rates. In fact, this should be found in writing on the back the notice that was mailed to you.

However, be careful with this citation. If you fail to pay the fine by the due date shown on the citation, then the citation becomes delinquent. This means that you have an unpaid debt which, after some time, may show up on your credit report. If your insurance company uses your credit rating as part of determining what your rates, then your automobile insurance rates could increase as an indirect consequence of the civil violation. (See How Your Credit Rating Affects Your Insurance Premium.)

This article is approved for informational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of competent local legal counsel.

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