Get Your State Insurance Commissioner Involved in Disputes with Your Insurance Company

by Roger & Connie P.

No one from Unigard has returned messages left. The last call made we wete told the district manager for our area would call. To date has never happened.

As homeowners since 1960's we have never had any issues until now. We have had Unigard since moving here and have had 2 water claims which were years apart. Why were we paying for Unigard Insurance if we file a claim and then you cancel us??? Both claims were not major and if our agent had told us Unigard cancels if you have water damage we might have done things different although we are both physically unable to.

There is nothing that states pay your insurance but don't file claim. Obviously this whole thing is very stressful and we would like an explanation!

Our response: Roger and Connie,

That is a frustrating situation that all too many policy holders encounter. If it seems obvious that Unigard unwilling or unable to respond to your requests, it may be time to get the insurance commissioner involved.

The insurance commissioner (part of the department of insurance of your state government) handles exactly these types of issues for state residents. Since we do not know exactly which state you reside in, we cannot give you specific contact information. However, you may get insurance commissioner contact information for your state (and others) at our State D.O.I.'s page.

Whether the outcome is what you hope for or not, a call to your state insurance commissioner will get the ball rolling.

Good luck.

This response is written for informational purposes and is not intended to take the place of competent local legal counsel. This website does not endorse any insurance company over another.

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