Home Owners Storm Damage !!! Read Your Policy !!!


Our home before storm damage.

Our home before storm damage.

Our home before storm damage.
A view of the tornado path (Georgia).
All trees in path down - barely missed our home.

No one ever wants to suffer a devastating loss and damage to their home. But sometimes things happen, and that is what we purchase insurance for - the unexpected sudden and accidental occurrence that we didn't ask for. At this point - you are probably searching for answers, which means that you are having difficulties getting your damages paid.

I suffered extensive damage to my home and I was an insurance adjuster, so read very carefully.

The first thing you MUST do, is READ YOUR POLICY !!! There are things hidden there that can cause you to lose coverage and money.

The Conditions Section is extremely important. If it says that you must provide a sworn statement proof of loss within 60 days, you must do that !!! There are tricks in the policy that are called terms and conditions, meaning that if you fail to properly do something that is listed as a condition, than the Insurer simply says you failed to complete your part of the contract and they have the right to deny your claim.

So, get estimates, and if you are having a hard time with the IA, and you have a large loss, it's time for a Public Adjuster and time to prepare to move forward and use the Appraisal Process. That works, but do this before the Carrier does. Then you are already prepared and a step ahead of them. This will cost you money but will also get you close to getting the damages properly repaired. It is not easy, but read the policy time goes by very quick when your life is falling apart.

Don't miss deadlines - READ YOUR POLICY !!! If the statute of Limitations is up in a year, than make sure you have gotten all of the things that need to be paid to them, if time is close request an extension on writing.

Good Luck & Bless You !!!

This article is submitted by one of our readers. It is approved for informational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of competent local legal counsel. Thank you.

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