How An Arbitrator Puts Value on a Personal Injury Claim

by Elizabeth D.
(Baltimore, MD)

How do Arbitrators Put Value on an accident injury claim? I am waiting to hear back on how much money I am going to get. Taraq, Silver Spring, MD.

If you chose a good arbitrator, you chose one with many years of experience handling personal injury cases. While no two personal injury cases are exactly the same, injuries can be similar and an experienced arbitrator will have seen one like yours before. The more experience your arbitrator has in the personal injury claims field, the more likely you are to receive a fair award. That is why the choice of arbitrator is so important.

If an effective arbitration process has been followed, your medical and lost wage information was submitted to the arbitrator at least a couple of weeks prior to the actual hearing, along with an explanatory letter or statement of damages. A good arbitrator has already reviewed this before the hearing, but needs to meet the Plaintiff and Defendant to judge their credibility; he judges whether or not you appear believable when you discussed your injury and its impact upon your life.

An arbitrator does not have any magic personal injury evaluation calculator, but he or she will have knowledge of the amounts of money juries have awarded for injuries similar to yours. Your level of credibility will make the arbitrator award you the high end of that range, or the low or somewhere in between.

The reason that the good arbitrators are paid hundreds of dollars per hour is because they are so very experienced. At least, the good ones are.

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