Insurance Agent Directory

What is an Insurance Agent Directory, and what should you know about it? An agent directory is an online directory where insurance agents can promote their business online and provide their contact information to potential customers other businesses.

When an insurance agent joins our Insurance Agent Directory, we create a unique webpage that is just about that agent. We include their photograph, bio, contact information and more; it is up to you, the agent. In our directory, we will promote you. This will help you rank higher in the search engine for your specialty in your geographical area. As you already know, more exposure equals more clients.

On the other hand, as you probably already also know, most other directories will put your name and contact information on a webpage with hundreds of other agents. This makes it extremely difficult for you to get noticed by potential customers.

Why Should You Join our Insurance Agent Directory?

1. We offer more than the average directory; we include more than just your name, website URL and a brief introduction.

2. You will have your own unique webpage that sends visitors to your blog or company replicated website.

3. We offer a low cost advertising alternative when compared to other online options.

4. You can have the opportunity to partner with a reputable, high-traffic website; ours.

5. We will establish another online presence for your agency; a second form of online exposure from our third-party website.

How This Works

We provide our readers with articles regarding many different insurance coverages, insurance claims practices and reviews of different insurance companies. We explain insurance claim terminology and review insurance products. At the bottom of each article, or page, are links to other relevant pages on our website. Each and every one of these pages can be found through the search engines by individuals searching for specific (and even non-specific keywords). This creates a lot of exposure for our web pages, as well as yours if you join.

What Can We Offer You?

You will have your own unique webpage on our high-traffic website. This can be in addition to your own agency's website, or not. Your page with us will be linked to either our "Insurance Companies" website, or a review of your specific insurance company; the choice is yours. When internet searchers (potential customers) do a search for your name or insurance agency, they will find our webpage about you.

Some of these people will visit your page from our review page. Even better, when potential clients do a search for "insurance agent + your town or state" your webpage will come up high in the search results. (More than once if you also have your own site.) This means additional exposure for your business.

Why Only $29.95?

Our directory is a fairly new one. This is why we are only charging $29.95 as a one-time price. Many directories charge a monthly membership of $20 to $75. This equates to hundreds of dollars per year. We offer a lower-priced, better alternative. Once you pay your one-time fee, your listing will appear in our directory for an unlimited amount of time. We will only remove it if you request that we do so.

If you have already checked out advertising options, you know that this is a good deal. This price will increase as our directory grows.

Terms and Conditions

Your bio that you provide must be original content. If you already have a bio written, please take the time to re-write it. Google penalizes websites with duplicate content, and you do not wish this.

Your links that you provide must remain active. If they are inactive (because you quit or change agencies) your website must notify us immediately so that we may amend your webpage for you, if you wish. Otherwise, your webpage will be deleted.

Once your submission is approved and your web page posted, there are no refunds.

Once you pay and provide us with your contact information, your webpage will appear within three business days.

How To Get Started Today

If you are an agent who is an employee of an insurance company, make sure that you are able to advertise online. Almost everyone is, but some companies actually still prohibit online advertising, so be sure to check. We will not do this for you.

Pay the one time fee of $29.95 via PayPal (the button is below).

Write up your professional profile (400 words or so) and find a picture of yourself that you would want the public to see. (We reserve the right to reject any photographs that we deem to be lurid or offensive, in which case your web page will be created without a photo until/unless you provide another.)

Submit your bio, photograph, contact information and other information in the webform below.

Once you are approved, you will get one revision to make any changes (unless, of course, we have made a mistake).

Questions about the Insurance Agent Directory

If you have a question about the Insurance Agent Directory, please contact us. We will get back to you within one business day. Thank you.

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