Insurance Company Owes Child Car Seat Replacement After Accident

by Katie
(Frederick, MD)

Wouldn't he deserve a new car seat?

Wouldn't he deserve a new car seat?

Not everyone who looks at your website will know this: replace your infant or child car seats after any accident that is not minor. Car seats are like riding helmets or bicycle accidents. They are all safety essentials. Damage to the car seat might not show unless it is actually crushed. May God forbid that happen. When you get rid of the old car seat, cut the straps and remove the cover and do what ever else you can to make sure that no one else ever tries to use it.

If the accident was your fault, your insurance company will not reimburse you because the car seat is not covered under your own collision coverage. However, if the accident was the fault of someone else, your car seat will be covered under their insurance policy. They will owe replacement cost, which means that you need to submit a copy of a receipt for a new car seat for reimbursement. There shouldn’t be any resistance from the insurance company. It is damage that their policy holder caused, and you wouldn’t be incurring the expense if the accident had not happened. Be safe.

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