Kudos to Superior Auto Service Center in Frederick, MD

by Stanley
(Frederick MD)

Superior Auto Service Center, Frederick, Maryland

Superior Auto Service Center, Frederick, Maryland

Shady or dishonest auto-repair shops have become such a cliche that it's refreshing to be able to point to an honest one. Superior Auto Service Center in Frederick, Maryland, appears to be honest. Here's why I think so.

I've had trouble for several months now with the brakes on my Saturn. I've taken it to a shop six (yes, six!) times for repairs, and each time, a day or so after I get it back, the brakes become a problem again. They squeal and squeak, shudder when I come to a stop, and even seem to catch a bit when I'm not stepping on them. What a pain!

After six tries, I thought perhaps it was time to give someone else a try. So I took my car to Superior Auto.

I let them know the problem and left the Saturn with them. A few hours later, I got a call back.

Now, they could have told me I needed a new set of brakes. I wouldn't have liked it much, but I'd have believed them, and who knows--that might actually solve the problem. However, that's not what they did. Instead, they were honest with me.

"I'm sorry sir, but we can't find anything wrong," they said. "We've been over it and over it, but there's nothing! If you want to pay for new brakes, we can try replacing them, but the ones you have on there look just fine." They charged me a $25 fee for the looksee and handed me my key.

My brakes are still noisy -- that has not been resolved. But thanks to an honest auto shop, I also wasn't charged for something that I didn't need, and I really appreciate that. I'm going to visit Superior Auto again for the next car issue that comes up.

Thank you.

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