Lost College Athletic Scholarship May Be Part of A Personal Injury Claim Settlement

by Andrea N.
(Bethesda, MD)

A lost College Athletic scholarship can be added to the personal injury portion of a claim. It may require a lot of documentation, especially if you don’t have an actual letter granting the scholarship, but it is possible. When our son was injured in an automobile accident a few years ago, he was unable to participate in a soccer scouting day. Talent scouts from various colleges were in the area to watch a tournament specifically to make final decisions regarding athletic scholarships for the upcoming year. Our son was pretty much guaranteed a scholarship if he could play like his coach expected him to, but it turned out that he couldn’t even play that day. We were very disappointed as we had expected a full scholarship.

At first the insurance company wouldn’t offer us any money on the case for the lost scholarship. We even had an attorney working on it for us. We got letters from his high school coaches about his skill level and how he was pretty much guaranteed a scholarship. We had saved the emails he had gotten from some of the talent scouts. We did everything we could to show that we weren’t just “hoping” for a scholarship, but that he was likely going to get one. We understand that the claim would have been much easier to prove if he actually had a letter confirming that he had a scholarship, but it was too early in the year.

The extra money that the insurance company put on our settlement was only $1000 after all that, but at least it was something. Our son ended up getting a scholarship after the first soccer season at school. We were right all along about that.

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