Maryland Attorney William E. Hewitt, Jr. Is A Highly Recommended Personal Injury Case Mediator

by Elizabeth D.
(Columbia, MD)

William E. Hewitt, Jr., attorney in Rockville, Maryland is my mediator of choice. That is when I can get him because apparently he is everyone else’s mediator of choice also. Bill is very thorough in his explanation of the mediation process so that everyone in the room feels comfortable, including Defendants who have never been through the process before and are scared to death. Bill has a sharp eye for detail and getting to the real issue in cases, and is usually the smartest person in the room. He is always cool-headed; I have never seen him get loud even when everyone else in the room is.

Mr. Hewitt is extremely experienced in personal injury and insurance-related disputes and this adds a lot of value to the mediation, regardless of whether you are Plaintiff or Defendant. These days, attorneys with all fields of specialty will mediate cases because the money is good and easy. Once, I had to mediate a case using a real estate attorney. It took at least twice as long as necessary because the attorney had no clue as to value, and didn’t even know what a herniated disc was. Hewitt has been practicing law for over 30 years and mediating those cases for over 10. I always insist that my biggest cases needing mediation go to him. He was highly recommended to me 10 years ago, and now I highly recommend him.

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