Maryland Personal Injury Attorney Richard Bricken Gets Client's Praise

by Lisa F.
(Ijamsville, MD)

I have had the pleasure of working with attorney Richard Bricken, located in Frederick, MD many times. We have been professional adversaries on many personal injury cases in the past twenty years (he has many more years experience than I do). I have always been truly impressed with Mr. Bricken’s competence and his understanding that an attorney does not need to be rude to his adversaries in order to make the best case for his client. He is a truly professional advocate.

In fact, when I found myself in need of an attorney several years ago for a non-injury related matter, Richard Bricken was the only attorney I considered hiring. Fortunately, he took my case and I consequently won full custody of my young daughter. I had the pleasure of watching him in the Montgomery County Circuit Court and he had the judge wrapped around his finger. Mr. Bricken knows the law but he also really knows how to talk to people. I have since recommended him to countless friends and acquaintances, as well as family members, for any legal need. I will consider doing so until he retires.

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