Maryland Reader Describes Road Rage Incident and Attempted Accident Set-up

by Emily M.

I experienced my first road rage situation this afternoon. I cannot believe how upset I still am over it, but it really was very scary.

I was driving home from my daughter’s recital. Thankfully she had been invited to dinner afterwards, so I was alone in the van. I was pulling up to a red light with about a car’s length between my van and the vehicle in front of me when a small car whipped around me and swerved into the lane and stopped suddenly. I had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting the car in the left rear door as it stopped practically sideways in the lane. I could see the heads of the car’s occupants whip back and forth because they swerved and stopped so suddenly.

I don’t normally sound my horn at other drivers. I just never think about it. But I tapped my horn at this driver. Immediately, the driver told me that I was number one with her middle finger. Then she, her front seat passenger and her rear seat passenger began screaming obscenities through their open windows at me. They sat there acting this way even after the light turned green to allow us to go.

I know that this girl drove the next few miles with one hand on the wheel because the other hand was out the window saluting me continuously. I am surprised that her front seat passenger was not decapitated by a pole alongside the street because he was hanging out the window screaming at me while they were going down the road. I tried to slow down enough to just let them go, but the driver slowed down too. She also kept slamming on her brakes as if she were trying to get me to rear-end her. Not only was I afraid of hitting her, but traffic was piling up behind me and I was afraid that someone else might rear-end me. This girl was creating a hazard for a lot of people.

This went on for at least three miles before I could find a shoulder wide enough to just pull over and let them go. By that time, I felt that it was too late to call 911. I never got a license plate number.

Before anyone makes any assumptions about the type of people these were, know that the driver was a young girl, probably in her late teens or early twenties. I know that this is sexist, but I always thought that road-rage drivers were male. She was driving an immaculately-clean newer-model white convertible with a black top, a JMU sticker on the window and Maryland tags with a 7 in it; no one I would pick out of a line-up.

Honestly, in retrospect, I shouldn’t have tried so hard to avoid hitting this girl when she first cut me off. The damage points would have shown that she was at fault, and I had my camera with me so I could have taken pictures. Then I could have sued her. I know that my neck would have been hurting. If I had only known what a nasty person she would turn out to be.

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