Maryland Reader Gives USAA Towing and Labor Coverage a Great Review

by Lisa M.
(Ijamsville, MD)

My family has automobile insurance coverage through the United Services Automobile Association (USAA). All three of our automobiles are older models, thankfully paid off because we simply could not afford a car payment right now. We have the Towing and Labor coverage through USAA on all three vehicles. This coverage provides emergency roadside assistance (towing, flat tire changing, gas delivery). We pay exactly one dollar a month per vehicle for this coverage. Honestly, it would be ridiculous not to have this coverage on your USAA policy if you have one.

There is a telephone number that USAA encourages you to call if you find yourself in need of roadside assistance. I guess that we should have programmed the number into our cell phones, but like all other insurance, we never expect to need it until we actually do. My husband?s pickup broke down about six miles from our house last Monday evening on his way home from work. I was on the way to pick up one of our kids from practice at school, so I could not go get him immediately. Since I was on the road too, I could not check out our USAA policy to see if I had to check in with them before taking any action. He just called the shop that he wanted to fix the truck and they gave him the name of a towing service to call. That is what he did.

I reported the claim to USAA online the very next morning. The only pieces of information I could type into the online claim reporting form was my name, the vehicle towed, the name of the tow yard and the cost ($98.00). I waited for ten days to hear from someone. I began to think that it was really going to take a long time for me to get the money back because I did not even know where to mail in the towing receipt.

I got a call from the USAA claims office in San Antonio this morning. The young man who called told me that he was issuing the payment for $98.00 and wanted to know if I wanted a check mailed to me or if I would like to have the money deposited directly into my USAA account. I asked him where I needed to send the receipt; I hadn?t even told him who towed the vehicle or what the invoice number was. He said that he did not need the receipt. I asked him if he was sure and he said ?We trust our USAA customers.?

I was incredulous. That simple statement that he made spoke volumes to me. I am sure that if this had been anything more serious or the request for payment larger, things might have been different, but I was thankful.

USAA could have easily dragged this out; the company could have asked for me to mail in the receipt, which would have taken at least three USPS days from Maryland to Texas. Then they could have given me a hard time for not calling the roadside assistance number so that they could pick the towing company. They could have also argued that since our pickup was towed past numerous other body shops, they only owed for a shorter tow. But none of that happened. Instead, I will have the money in my bank account tomorrow. I checked online, and the payment must have been processed as I was on the telephone with the USAA representative. I am truly impressed.

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