Maryland Reader Suspects Prior Football Injury to Blame, Not His Accident

by Randall O.

I was involved in a very minor incident in a McDonald's parking lot in Gaithersburg, Maryland. I somehow rubbed bumpers with another guy’s car. I did not even feel anything, but he waved at me and I rolled down my window to talk. He pointed out the scuff marks on both of our vehicles. I later washed off my “damage” with a sponge and some dish detergent. That is how minor this was.

This guy had his two sons with him. Both were big strapping guys more interested in their milkshakes, or whatever it was that they were drinking, than our conversation when their dad and I exchanged information. I really should have just left that parking lot and gone home. He would have had a hard time ever proving that I hit him. I am sure that this guy just washed his scuff mark off too after he took some pictures. I just wanted to try to do the right thing and I did not imagine that anything would come of this.

Imagine my shock when my insurance adjuster told me that one of the teenaged boys in this man’s car was claiming to have a slipped disc in his back because of this accident (if you could even call it that.) He claimed that he was going to need surgery. I could not believe it. The insurance adjuster said that she was very surprised, also, and would make sure that she looked at all of this kid’s prior medical history.

By coincidence, I came across an article in my local newspaper about this kid. It turns out that he was on his high school varsity football team. Now, no one can convince me that if this kid really did have a back injury it was caused by the incident with me rather than football. If he is used to being banged around during games and practice, I don’t see how he could have even knew our cars touched each other. However, the insurance adjuster was never able to find anything in his prior medical records. That is probably because he never had a reason to have x-rays taken until his dad saw an opportunity to make a fast buck off me.

This kid wound up getting eighteen thousand dollars ($18,000) from my insurance company. I would like to think that his guilty conscience bothers him, but I don’t think he was ever taught to have a conscience given his dad’s behavior. So instead, I hope his back really hurts him for the rest of his life.

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