Maryland Reader Uses Punitive Damage Issue to Substantially Increase Personal Injury Settlement Offer

by Sally E.
(Boonsboro, MD)

I used the topic of punitive damages to settle my personal injury claim, though I didn’t know what the term was before now. I handled my claim on my own. The other driver who hit me was drunk, but even that wasn’t really the worst of it all. The paramedic that rode in the ambulance with me and had to cut my clothes off me had gone all through grade school with my son. He had been to my house and everything as a kid, and then for him to see me in my bloody underclothes was so humiliating. I could have just died.

I only had to go to the hospital and then sit around for weeks and be careful not to take deep breaths because I had two broken ribs. The insurance company offered me $5000 to settle my claim four months after the accident. My bills were about $1800 from what I remember. I was not at all happy with the offer because of the humiliation I had gone through and the fact that the other guy was drunk. I told that adjuster that I would get a lawyer if I had to and that I did not think a jury would like their drunk driver. He was a jerk at the scene and the emergency room. (I had a room right next to his and had to listen to him be a jerk for hours while I was in pain.)

Long story in a nutshell, I got $8000 all by myself. The insurance company did not want a lawsuit in my case.

This article is approved for informational purposes and is not intended to take the place of competent local legal counsel.

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