Mediator Charles E. Wilson, III, Esquire Review

by Lisa
(Frederick, MD)

Charles E. Wilson, III, Esq., in Hagerstown, Maryland is the one of the best mediators I have ever used in over 20 years. I first met him years ago, when he was practicing law in Montgomery County, Maryland. When his practice opened the office in Washington County, he went there to run it.

Mr. Wilson is very personable and extremely experienced and knowledgeable. He has handled many, many civil cases and represented both Plaintiffs and Defendants. He has a very realistic view of settlement values and a very low key approach to handling settlement negotiations for both sides. He puts everyone at ease and is well-respected by his peers. He also has plenty of “war stories” to keep you entertained while the other party in the mediation is conferring. (Ask him to tell you the story about being chased around an open courtroom by a lady wielding a purse.)

Mr. Wilson also has a lovely office and very personable support staff. He is well worth my drive up to western Maryland to personally attend mediations.

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