Mercury Insurance Mechanical Breakdown Protection Review by California Customer

by Dawnette G.

I would highly recommend Mercury Insurance’s mechanical breakdown protection plan (MBP) to anyone. When I bought my last car, the finance guy at the dealership had a nice long talk to me about buying a warranty on it. He acted like I was making a huge mistake when I turned him down, and told me that I would regret it. But I turned him down because I remembered that Mercury had the same sort of coverage that he was describing, and I wanted to work with my agent because I like her.

Plus, the dealership was quoting me $450.00 for a five-year policy, whereas the MBP coverage is for six years for much less money, and I don’t have to pay it all at once or finance the costs with interest.

I had MBP coverage on my last car, too. I didn’t need to use it more than a hand-full of times, which was great. I used them for towing and help replacing a flat tire three times. (My boyfriend’s jealous ex-girlfriend had a fondness for dropping nails on the ground whenever she walked behind my car, but I can't prove it so I won’t go into that here.)

I like that you can go anywhere you want for repairs instead of being held to a list of approved shops; your choices are sort of limited anyway if you’re standing on the side of the road with a flat tire in the middle of the night, so you take who you can get.

The number of times that you can use the coverage is unlimited, and your premium on it will not go up. The bill just gets paid along with the rest of your insurance, making it very convenient. The Mercury MBP plan does not include parts broken because of normal wear and tear, but then again, no one else’s plan seems to either. That’s just a cost of owning and driving your car.

I also like that my agent doesn’t call me with those scary sounding messages saying “renew now before your warranty lapses and leaves you unprotected” that the dealership warranty people start making pretty much immediately. That’s so irritating, and a bit insulting. I would recommend buying Mercury’s MBP to anyone. It is inexpensive, hassle-free and a handy thing to have.

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Jun 24, 2014
i dont understand why
by: Anonymous

mercury ins have mbp advertivement but when I call the agent speak my language they both said they didn't know I have few car were expired the warranty .I need the protect plan.

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