Nationwide Insurance Gets Good Claim Handling Review

by Jeff
(Frederick, MD)

My oldest daughter and I were involved in a rear-ender accident last spring. A Nationwide policy holder struck us from behind and pushed us into the rear of the car in front of us. Nationwide accepted responsibility right away and settled the total loss claim for the car in under a week. Both my daughter and I went to our primary care doctors to be checked out. Nationwide made me a fair injury settlement offer right away and I took it. My daughter was sore for about a week or so. Her doctor told her to take it easy for two weeks. When we were ready, Nationwide paid for her medical bills, her missed riding lessons and some extra for her inconvenience. (Honestly, she really wasn’t that sad about missing gym class for a couple of weeks.) Nationwide also paid for us to replace the two car seats that were in the back seat; we just had to give them a copy of the receipts for the new ones and we were paid in full. Nationwide was patient with us, yet prompt with payment, and we feel that we were treated fairly. We handled the claim ourselves with no problems. The actual accident was the worst part of the whole experience.

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