Nationwide Insurance Roadside Assistance Rider Gets Favorable Customer Review

by Liz
(Mount Airy, MD)

About a month ago, I locked myself out of my vehicle, leaving my keys on the driver seat. After finding a police officer, I was told that in most area's the police will not "break" into your car for you because too many needless law suits for property damage have been brought against them because they left a scratch.

After calling a few towing companies and finding that it can cost up to $80 just for them to open a car door, I was at a real loss. It was then I remembered that little rider to my Auto policy called Roadside Assistance. I am a Nationwide customer and it costs very little to have this rider added. I called the 800 number and within 45 minutes a towing company showed up and opened my door for me at no cost to me.

The great thing about these services is that they do not affect your policy pricing if you use them. It is not the same as filing an insurance claim. So, feel safe to call them when you are in a jam. They cover more than you may think! Thanks Nationwide!

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Oct 19, 2015
Keys Left In Ignition
by: Mrs. Shawanda

I want to thank Nationwide Micheal Bare & Associates in Charlotte NC for their quick assistance during a time I locked my car door then realized I left my keys inside my the ignition. When calling my Nationwide provider, the associate was very friendly. She asked how she could help me. After giving my contact info and what happened, she gave me my policy number and also the telephone number to Roadside Assistance. IT WAS JUST THAT EASY! I called the the number to Roadside Assistance she provided. I gave them my policy number, first and last name which pulled up my information providing them with my cell phone number. He asked was this the phone number to contact me and if I was in any danger. I answered his questions and he replied with an ETA Estimated Time of Arrival. After they contacted a wrecker service in my area, I received a text providing the companies contact info and message saying that they would be there within the hour. I was in route to work due by 12 pm before this incident. I also provide carpool for preschoolers at 1 pm. I called the number and asked if it be possible they arrive sooner than an hour. I let them know that I was in route to work when I locked my keys in the car. The gentleman on the phone was very nice and also compassionate about my situation. He was able to get someone there within 20 minutes! OH I WAS SO GRATEFUL! When the service tech arrived, he confirmed my car info, had me sign a receipt then popped the lock quick and in a hurry! I was able to arrive on time without any lost wages! Thank you so much Nationwide for being on my side!

Mar 01, 2015
roadside assistance
by: Anonymous Kay k.

Until you have a grown child who lives 3 hours away and knows no one to call for help, you may not truly appreciate Nationwide's great roadside
assistance. We have had to use it twice recently for a dead battery on our son's car and then a blown tire about a month later. Both were after dark. They came to our son's location quickly and were so kind. They took care of both situations while we felt helpless so far away. We can't praise the call center and the people they sent to each situation enough.. Just THANK YOU SO MUCH and I wanted to take time to tell you what it meant to me as a parent....

Jun 15, 2011
Nationwide Insurance Roadside Assistance Is the Best
by: Dotty D.

I agree; Nationwide's Roadside Assistance coverage is the best. It is the cheapest coverage on my automobile insurance policy and the onecoverage that I have used the most. Thank goodness I haven't had an accident, but I have managed to lock myself out more than once, and I've also had a flat tire. All I had to do each time was submit the receipts to my agent. I don't even know how long I've had the coverage. It's been years. I'm never dropping it.

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