Negligent Entrustment of Defective Vehicle - I Wish I Had Known

I wish I had known that 'negligent entrustment' included giving a competent driver a defective vehicle to drive. Or at least my sister wishes she would have known.

When one of my sisters was a teenager, she was driving a car owned by the parents of a young child she was babysitting. The car was in bad shape and the axle broke one day while she was driving the kid to one of her lessons. The car actually rolled over. Fortunately, the child was not really hurt; she was in a car seat. This was in the days before everyone sued everyone else for every little thing, so my sister just considered herself lucky that she was not killed and went on with her life.

The parents of the child told my sister that they were not mad at her because they knew the accident was not really her fault and that was that. Now I realize that my sister could have actually been the one to make a claim against them because they asked her to drive their kid around in an unsafe vehicle. She actually had headaches and back pain for years afterwards. Too bad this happened almost twenty years ago and it is far too late for her to request or expect any compensation.

Thank you for the informative articles - I guess I should be reading them more often.


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