Non-Insured Vehicle Rams Hotel Van

by Rob
(Dade County, FL)

I worked for a hotel in Miami several years ago, and was conducting a training for the properties bell staff on the proper way to pick up guests from the airport. It was a hot day, and on the way back to the hotel, we stopped at a service station to gas up and get something cool to drink. While we were parked, a car turning right at the intersection veered sharply off the road. The driver's door opened, and the driver fell out of the car onto the road. Meanwhile, the car jumped the curb and plowed into the side of the hotel van.

No one (not even the driver of the car was hurt), and we got the license plate of the car...literally. The whole bumper, license plate and all, fell off. However, when we called the police to report the accident and asked the driver for his driver's license, he ran for his car, hopped back in, and roared off.

It was a good thing the hotel had the proper insurance (thank you, Allstate!) to cover the damage to the van, as nobody ever found the driver and a tag trace found zero insurance on the car...

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