Personal Injury Claim Payment Received for Nothing Per Maine Reader

by Litha

I don’t know why there has to be so much drama about trying to settle an injury claim with an insurance company. I hit a guardrail in the snow just a few weeks ago. My Mitsubishi had so little damage that it was under our $500.00 deductible. My daughter was in the backseat and she was a little scared, but that was because of all the yelling I did as I slid into the guardrail. That was it.

The Allstate adjuster did ask me if anyone had been hurt and I told her that my daughter might have been scared because of my yelling. I was really just joking with him. There was no medical treatment – nothing. He kept asking me if I wanted money for her “injury” and I told him that it wasn’t necessary. I got a check for $150 about a week later and it said “for bodily injury”. I called the adjuster and he told me to just keep the check because my daughter was scared. He said it wouldn’t affect my policy because it was so little. He didn’t have to tell me twice. If they gave me money for nothing, I don’t see why things have to be so hard for people who are really hurt.

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