Personal Injury Claim Values

Personal injury claim values are dependent upon AT LEAST the following factors:

• the type of injury you have suffered

• the actual or anticipated length of time that it takes for you to fully recover from your injuries

• the amount of medical bills you have incurred or expect to incur because of your injury and necessary treatment; these may include actual doctor bills, as well as receipts for over-the-counter pain relievers, or a doctor’s estimate for the same

• the amount of wages you have lost or expect to lose because of your injury and necessary treatment

• whether or not you have suffered any permanent disability or scarring/disfigurement

• other incurred or expected expenses related to your injury (i.e. you had bought non-refundable tickets for an event but were unable to attend for injury-related reasons, or you were unable to cook, clean or care for your children and needed to hire someone else to do so)

• Is there any loss of consortium?

Adjusters will use the processes required by the specific company they work for to place a value your injury claim. Most use a computerized data base for “larger” injury claims and a paper form for "smaller" ones. Some will make a nominal offer based on complaints made during the initial stage of the claim. When placing a value on a personal injury claim, the adjuster should consider such things as the actual claimant’s credibility and appearance, and the specific venue (area) where the injury occurred.

You are entitled to a copy of whatever method the claims adjuster uses to evaluate your case. Simply ask for one. This way you can make sure that every aspect of your personal injury, medicals and lost wages has been considered in the settlement offer. The adjuster may say that you are not entitled to work product, but more and more courts are ruling that evaluations, even Colossus reports, are discoverable (meaning that the claimant may obtain a copy).

This article is written for informational purposes and is not intended to take the place of competent local legal counsel.

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