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Jan 29, 2012
Of Course They Are ...
by: Lisa

Of course a Loss of Consortium Claim is about much more than just sex. Most married people that I know are not as shallow as that. I need my husband for so much more than you-know-what. We have daughters to raise and I could not imagine how difficult it would be to try to do it all by myself (though I know that single parents do it every day). I need my husband around, even if it is just to talk to at night.

Thank you for sharing this information,

Sep 18, 2011
Do Not Underestimate a Plantiff's Willingness to Discuss Loss of Consortium
by: Jake D.

I read many of the comments on your website regarding an injured person's possible reluctance to make a claim for loss of intimacy with a spouse because of embarrassment. My experience leads me to expect quite the opposite.

Today, older couples (over their twenties or thirties)are simply past those sorts of hangups. They understand that no one will be shocked, and if someone is, they won't be seeing them again anyway. Younger people are accustomed to sharing intimate details about themselves with a large audience thanks to cell phone conversations in public and the social media they almost all use.

Plus, these days if something is worth a dollar people will chase it.

I would know; people share their stories with me all the time. Even the most intimate ones. Jake D., LCSB

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