Personal Injury Photographs Made Case for Virginia Woman

by Patty
(Front Royal, VA)

Take photographs of your injuries. When my boyfriend hit a mailbox with the passenger side window where I was sitting, I had bunches of small cuts all over my chest and upper arms from broken glass. Fortunately none of them were so big or deep that I needed stitches, but they still stung. I didn’t bother going to the doctor. I just used some Neosporin at home and they got better. I have freckles so if I have any tiny scars, I can’t see them.

I didn’t want to sue my boyfriend for hitting the mailbox or anything like that, but I did want something for my pain and inconvenience. His insurance guy told me that without any medical bills, I couldn’t get money. But I had taken pictures of my cuts because somebody had told me to, and I told the insurance guy that. It turned out that I could get some money after I turned in the pictures. It wasn’t much but I was happy.

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