Personal Injury Settlement: Great Tip on Settling Personal Injury Claims For Yourself

by Bernadette

Here is a great tip on settling personal injury claims. The most important thing to remember is something that should erase all of the intimidation that you feel: insurance company representatives WANT to settle personal injury claims. They NEED to. They have monthly and yearly productivity goals that measure how many personal injury claims they settle. They are not usually measured on how little or much they settle claims for or their state insurance commissioners would catch wind of that little practice and fine them heavily. (Believe us, it’s been done.) Again: the adjuster is concerned with how many claims he settles; not the amount they settle for, so long as the settlement is within the authorized amount he is given to spend.

Here’s how it works: the adjuster has something that that you need and want (money). They know that you want it and you know that they know, etc., etc. They want to give it to you, and actually need to in order to satisfy their work goals. But they can’t appear to give it up too easily or it might not be appreciated by you (you will think that they must have more). Plus, their managers will yell at them. So sometimes they even have to pretend that they don’t want to settle, BUT THEY DO. They want to keep their jobs; their jobs are settling claims. Both sides involved just need to go through a whole “courtship” process so that they can reach the goal of mutual satisfaction.

Threats won’t get you there any faster. Threaten the adjuster with an attorney: they honestly don’t care. Frankly, if you are going to be rude, the adjuster would probably rather work with a familiar adversary (the attorney). They all know each other anyway, and they can catch up on gossip when they handle a case together. The two professionals working together will get the case settled for about what you would have gotten on your own, and the attorney will take his percentage out of that. If you just have some confidence in yourself, you can settle your own personal injury claim.

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