Reader Opinion: Claim Denied by Progressive

by Jason Petersen
(Pinewood, MN, Beltrami)

I own a 1985 Pontiac Fiero which was not damaged before October 9, 2012. On that tuesday evening I was driving home and hit a deer a two miles from my home. I tried avoiding the deer, but could not stop from hitting it.

When my car came to a stop I looked for the deer but could not find it. I have comprehensive and standard car insurance on my car through Progressive. My car was still in driving condition after the accident so I drove the car home. When I got home I called Progressive and filled a claim.

Three days later the insurance adjuster came to look at the car. The insurance adjuster told me that the car was repairable. When I was contacted by a claims Representative I was drilled why I did not call law enforcement, the DNR, or tow truck. I stated the car was driveable and I was only two miles from home. I could not find the deer after the accident so I did not call the local game warden. It is only in the case if you want to want to keep the deer you have to call the game warden. The accident was not a vehicle to vehicle accident and I did not know the dollar amount of damage so I did not call the Sheriffs department.

I did not have any pictures of my car prior the accident so could not prove the car was undamaged prior to the accident. When I got the insurance policy Progressive did not take pictures of my car or tell me I had to. Progressive talked to my co-workers and a mechanic,and my room mate about the car prior to and after the accident. Then they denied my claim on November 1, 2012 after the premium came out of my checking account. I am still trying to get Progressive to honor the claim on my car for the policy in which I am paying for.

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