Reader Review and Praise for Attorney Randall G. Rose in Rockville, MD

by Synthea L.
(Rockville, MD)

I highly recommend my attorney, Randall G. Rose, Esquire to handle anyone’s personal injury case. He is in Rockville, Maryland. My mother-in-law told me about Mr. Rose after I was in an accident and I called him right away. This was not my first accident, so I already knew that I do not have time to deal with insurance companies myself. My time is money.

Mr. Rose always answered his telephone when I called his office and the ladies put me through to him. Not only is that very professional behavior, but he also has a voice to die for (like James Earl Jones). He sounds a lot older than he looks. He is a prior military guy, which I deeply respect and admire. His firm does not do any insurance defense work, so there was no potential conflict of interest.

I was very happy with the settlement money that I got. It wasn’t like I got to quit my job or anything like that. What can I say – I wasn’t hurt too bad thankfully. Mr. Rose is a good attorney and a stand-up guy, and his office kept me informed of all actions taken upon my behalf. I would use him to be my attorney again.

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