Reader Review of Auto Owners Insurance: claim problems after Tornado

by Anonymous Policy-holder

My Home sustained heavy damage after the Tornado on 4/27/2011. I thought "no Problem" that is what Auto Owners claims to do is handle your claim with "no Problems". Don't Believe them, plan and expect to have problems. They have cost me thousands of dollars trying to get my home damages paid.

I work on this claim every day. I had to use the Appraisal Provision. That caused them to pay more, but at a cost to me, of $ 9,000.00. I don't understand, except for the GREED of keeping the money owed to repair my home and take care of the claim as professionals, and do what they say they will do as it reads in the policy.

Their 1st settlement offer was $ 700.00. In keeping up trying to get the payment that we are owed, since we did not accept their $ 700 offer, we have received over $ 28,000.00 more for the damage and repairs. They still have payments to make and I will keep fighting to get what they should have already paid. I won't stop, and they don't seem to care, they keep doing more BS, because they know that it is hard to get an Attorney to help, the attorneys need to be paid and the Insurer's use the money that we pay in premiums to pay for their attorneys, they have an unlimited amount of money that we pay them for claims and they use it to fight paying legitimate claims.

Don't give UP !!! They owe you for the damage make them pay it. It sure is hard to Fight Auto Owners and they know and don't care. 98% of the customers simply give up and they win. We need to make them pay the claims.

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Sep 19, 2012
Very inspiring sharing
by: Dylan

Very inspiring sharing for victims who lost expected money from the insurance company. Some insurance companies are always doing these things that avoid or explain excuses of terms and condition using hidden terms to reduce $$. But it's not ethical that insurers have to fight for legal money. Hope your sharing will be of help to people who are natural disaster victims to make claims with their insurance company properly. Thanks.

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