Reader Review: USAA Solves the Problem for Pennsylvania Reader!

by Stan
(Hershey, PA)

About eighteen months ago I was rear-ended on my way to work. I had just purchased the car I was driving, a used Saturn, a couple of weeks prior to the accident. I bought it because it was cheap and I could afford to pay cash for it, and in the hopes that it would be dependable and gas-efficient transportation to and from work. While there was damage to the rear of my car and to the front end of the other car involved, there were no injuries, so the whole event seemed relatively minor.

The other driver was found to be at fault and ticketed when the police arrived, and so their insurance company began working to settle the claim. That insurance company was USAA.

I took my car to the USAA recommended body shop, and they took a look. Apparently there was some non-visible damage that looked older than the date of the accident, and that triggered some alarms within USAA. They contacted me to ask whether the vehicle had been in an accident before, I presume because they were considering denying some or all of my claim.

However, when I spoke to the claims rep handling my case, I explained that I had only just bought the car, and that it had a clean CarFax vehicle history when I bought it. The rep looked up the Carfax history as well and was able to confirm that it showed clean with no prior accidents. Based on this, USAA paid me to have all the damage repaired, even the stuff that looked like it might have pre-dated the accident. When I got the car back from the shop, you couldn’t tell there had ever been a collision.

The claims rep couldn’t have been nicer, and I very much appreciated that she was willing to look at the CarFax report and take into account that the vehicle was new to me. To this day I do not know whether that questionable damage was caused when the other driver ran into me from behind or whether it came with the car when I bought it. But honestly, I don’t have to care, because USAA took care of the problem.

Since then, I have switched over to USAA for automobile insurance myself, and though I have had no accidents to report so far (and hopefully won’t have anytime soon!), they have done an excellent job at an inexpensive rate. I am a happy USAA customer.

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