Reader Shares His Top Reasons Not to Get Vanity License Plates for Your Vehicle

by Randall
(Atlantic City)

There are so many reasons why I would not shell out the money for a pair of those vanity license plates for my car. For one thing, there is the expense to consider, but there are also a lot of other things to think about. Some of the reasons I would not get vanity tags actually have to do with harassment, fraud and identity theft and the like.

If you have those vanity license plates on your vehicle, don't try to hit someone and flee the scene. I was hit by a lady with vanity plates last year. I can't tell you what the word on her plates was because my injury case is in litigation and my lawyer says I can't do anything to jeopardize it. That apparently includes identifying this lady.

After this lady and I both got out of our cars and were standing on the shoulder waiting for the police, she said she had to go back to her car for a pen that worked. She left me standing there in the gravel. But let's just say that I didn't need to go scrambling for a pen and paper when it was apparent she was leaving the scene: I didn't need any help remembering that little nick-name on her tags. It didn't take the police any time at all to track her down. She blew her chances of making a cheap settlement with me.

Regardless of whether you have been involved in an accident or not, there is the sudden lack of anonymity or privacy. You might look like a snooty driver and become a target of road rage. The same goes if you have some silly little sissy pet name posted at both ends of your car. You might as well just put a sign on your car that says 'kick me'.

Oh, and do you want to send your teenage daughter driving down the road with a license plate number that is easy for the guys to remember? She would be so easy to follow. That happened to a friend of mine once.

You might think "nobody's going to tell me what I can and can't put on my license plate", and that's sure true. But do yourself a favor and show some common sense.

These are just my thoughts.

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