Red Light Camera Photographs Win Accident Case for Virginia Man

by Barbara W.
(Alexandria, Virginia)

About five years ago my son, who was only sixteen years old at the time, had an intersection accident in Northern Virginia. He made a left turn on a green turn arrow and was hit by a woman coming from the opposite direction. She had a red light, but just blew through it.

My son was driving his red Ford mustang that he had saved up for since he was a little kid. Unfortunately, the woman that hit him lied and told the police officer that she had a green light. The police officer literally said "well, you know how these young kids are when they get these hot rod cars". My son was given a ticket for running a red light. We could not believe it. We were outraged: what a case of age discrimination. The woman immediately got a lawyer and complained that her neck hurt her.

We were insured by Allstate, and fortunately the adjuster knew how to do her job. She took a recorded statement from my son and told me that he sounded like he was telling the truth and she was going to defend him. She asked if there was a red light camera at the intersection, and we said that there was. That adjuster went through the headache of ordering the red light camera pictures for us. It turned out that not only did the woman suing my son run a red light to hit him, but she did so after her light had been red for several seconds and two other cars in front of her also ran it. My son is lucky that he did not get hit by all three cars.

The woman that hit my son even got a ticket for running a red light once the camera photographs were processed. She knew that she was in the wrong, and was still willing to take advantage of my son just to try to get some money. Allstate denied her claim and WE sued HER.

Website manager response: We are glad to see that the correct outcome was achieved in your case. A little perseverance goes a long way. Glad to hear that your insurance adjuster was such an advocate for you and your son.

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