Roadside Assistance - The Untold Guide To Car Help.

by Paul Brown
(San Antonio, Texas)

Roadside assistance is something you need but never know it until it is too late. More often than not it is that service that when disaster strikes you franticly start searching on the internet for help. As a roadside assistance business owner, a towing company owner, and having served over 20,000 motorists I can attest to what I am about to tell you.

My Background

My businesses are located in San Antonio, Texas which are EZ Lockout & Roadside Assistance (, San Antonio Roadside Assistance (, and Shark Towing ( They each have their own market since 2009. I have learned all my knowledge from experience and nothing that a classroom would even teach. My hands have done and seen it all.

What is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance is a service that helps you when you have automobile issues. They help with towing, flat tires, dead car batteries, unlocking your car, and delivering fuel. They help when all else fails. Nothing like a flat tire or a car that won't start because your child left the light on while getting their stuff from the car.

How Much Does Roadside Assistance Cost?

Roadside assistance costs vary very much across the market. If you call a private company it ranges from around $50 - $100 depending time of day (or night), your location, and how bad the situation is. Example, we charge $65 for a tire change. If you call and say "I was trying to cut across a median and got stuck in the mud. Can you pull me out?" that may set you back an easy $150. It all depends. My advice is to search on Google for good ratings and call. Sometimes you may pay a little more for good service. The saying "You get what you pay for is all too true."

Is Roadside Assistance Through My Insurance Free?

Yes and No. You will most likely pay a fee to add this service on. The insurance company will send someone to you if you have an emergency and pay for the service. Let me give you the downside of this. Most insurance companies partner with a third party who then partner with roadside assistance providers. They pay the average roadside assistance provider about $20 - $40 dollars to assist you.

You will not always get the best of service just due to the paying rate. Let me explain, a roadside assistance company has bills to pay. So if the call comes from a dispatch about your flat tire the roadside assistance is not in as much a hurry for a $20 call as say they are for John who called and is willing to pay $60 for the same service. You will start seeing that your service provider is now running late and wonder why.

Running a roadside assistance company for $20 per call is near impossible. Try hiring someone to run calls for minimum wage and it is not pretty. They are unhappy with their job so they may damage your car, drive erratic, or just not show at all. Well the insurance company won't tell you the part.

How To Get Better Roadside Assistance

So we talked about free roadside assistance. Let me give you a secret the insurance companies hate. You can call anyone you want to provide roadside assistance but you will have to pay out of pocket. Get the receipt and submit a claim for roadside assistance to get reimbursed. Call the 5 Star guy and get taken care of like the pro you are.

How To Get Cheaper Roadside Assistance

Everyone wants cheap roadside assistance. I know. Is there a way to get cheaper service? Sometimes. You can always ask a private company is they can come down a few dollars. To increase your odds on this tell them you will be willing to wait longer for them to arrive. A customer that is patient always makes me smile.

Final Advice

Call your insurance company and add roadside assistance. It pays itself in the first use. I promise that. You will use it sooner or later. Pay out of pocket and submit for reimbursement if you have the ability to. If you have any questions, call me at (210) 598-7300. You can also chat with us online at or the other companies we run We answer questions even though you may not be in San Antonio, Texas or even use us.

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