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May 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

Safelite was contacted by my insurance company to repair a crack in my windshield in front of the driver.

When they were done the crack was still there about half the size as before.

I called customer no-service and they claim that it is just fine and that it is factory standard to have a crack in front of the driver. I disagreed and the rep starts telling me that when I go to Mcdonalds that all the burgers don't look like the menu board??? WTF

They charged my insurance company $69.23 for a half a** repair that only reduced the crack. I can't wait to drive into the sunlight and get the sharp reflection from this crack into my eyes. I can only hope the car I hit when blinded will be a safelite Corporate Executive and I will tell him/her that the sun was within DOT standards.


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Aug 09, 2011
Safelite Auto Glass Passes State Inspections
by: Yin S.

I really liked my experience with Safelite Auto Glass, too. I had my truck's windshield replaced at my home a few weeks ago, literally the day before I had to get the truck inspected by the state of Maryland. I was worried about inspection, and the Safelite technician told me not to. He (I think his name was John) told me that there would be no problems with the replacement. He was right; the inspector didn't even look at my windshield. The truck looks the same as ever, except that the windshield was actually perfectly clean for once.

The Safelite guy also told me that if I ever need another windshield replacement or repair, I can just call them directly. No matter who I am insured by at the time, Safelite can call and put in the claim for me. I'll already be on their schedule, and that will save me time and inconvenience. I was very happy with this whole experience and will definitely use Safelite again.

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