Safelite Auto Glass Gets Five-Star Review From Maryland Customer

by Helen
(Ijamsville, MD)

I give Safelite Auto Glass a five-star review. I recently had a small branch fall off a tree onto the windshield of my van. It just left small chips in two areas of the windshield. When I called my insurance company, the adjuster I talked to explained that I could either have the windshield replaced and pay my $100 deductible, or I could have it repaired and pay no deductible. What can I say; times are tight. I went with the zero deductible.

I must say that I was a bit skeptical that my windshield could be repaired. However, the Safelite Auto Glass technician did indeed repair it and did a great job. I had to look very, very closely to see the repairs.

There is nothing not to like about Safelite Auto Glass as I see it. Their technician came to my home the same day that I called my insurance company. I paid nothing. The repairs were great. The technician was even nice to my two daughters who watched his every move like he was a Disney matinee. Thank you, Safelite.

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