San Antonio Woman's Insurance Claim Denied for Lack of Physical Evidence

by Estelle P.
(San Antonio)

I was sitting at a red light in San Antonio when I was rear-ended by a guy in a pickup. He sat up higher than I did in my Camry, so my damage was all to the trunk; it was really pushed in. The guy who hit me had one of those large brush or cattle guards on the front of his truck and there was no damage at all. You couldn’t even tell he was in an accident – I should have known what was going to happen.

He could not have been more of a gentleman to me. He was very clean-cut and polite. He asked if my son and I were okay. He offered to call the police for me since I didn’t have my cell phone on me. I said that would be very nice and he did call someone. I just don’t know who he called because no police ever showed up. The man showed me his driver’s license and gave me his business card and his insurance information and then left. I waited around for a bit and then went home. I didn’t think I had anything to worry about because the whole experience had actually been rather nice for an automobile accident.

When I called the man’s insurance company to make a claim, he hadn’t called in yet. I had to give all of the information to set the claim up myself. I was shocked when I heard back from the company a few days later. They denied my claim because their policy holder denied being in an accident, denied being in the area where the accident happened and get this – had no damage to his truck. I had described the truck and the driver in great detail when I gave my recorded statement. The insurance adjuster said that I could have just seen his guy in a parking lot somewhere and decided to make a fraudulent claim. I had to go through my own insurance company and pay my deductible. My company didn’t get anywhere with the other one either, because there was just no proof that the other guy’s truck had been in any accident. My word was not enough, and my son wasn’t even old enough to talk yet. I always make sure that I have my cell phone on me now, and I will never trust anyone no matter how nice they seem to be.

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