Should Adding a Teen Driver Make Your Automobile Insurance Premium Double?

by kimberly

My daughter just got her driver license and she just turned 18 years old. She been a good driver for 8 months now. If I put her on our car insurance policy would the cost double?

P.S. my husband and I are in the same insurance.

Kimberly, it would depend on who your insurer is and whether or not your daughter is a resident of your household. If your daughter is and has been a resident of your household, has a clean driving record, and is just going to be added to your policy, she should not make the cost of your premium double. That would be rather excessive.

Chances are very high that your insurance company already knows about your daughter; if they maintain any kind of records and have any decent marketing program, they already know about all of the residents in your house, including their ages. This means that adding your daughter to your policy should not really make much of a difference in your bill.

Something to remember is that as long as your daughter is a resident of your household, she has the implied permission to be driving any vehicle that is on your insurance policy. This means that she will be covered in the event that she has an accident whether she is actually named on the policy or not. The exception would be if she is named as an excluded driver on the policy.

However, your insurance rates would change if you mean that you are adding another vehicle to the policy with your daughter.

Here is something that you might have already thought of: check out any automobile insurance website. Almost all of them offer free insurance quotes on line these days. As for a free quote without your daughter, and then ask for one after adding her information. If your insurance company doubles your quoted rates and others do not, we think that sounds like a good reason to switch insurance companies.

P.S. Congratulations to your daughter on her new drivers license and her good driving record. Those are both things to be proud of!

This article is written for informational purposes and is not intended to take the place of competent local legal counsel.

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