Sterling Auto Body in Gaithersburg, MD Gets Customer Review

by Lisa
(Germantown, MD)

I took my SUV to Allstate’s Sterling Auto Body shop in Gaithersburg, MD one time. It was not a good experience at all. I was told that my repairs would be complete on a certain date, and I did in fact get a call from the shop on that date to let me know that my repairs were complete and that I could pick up my car. When I showed up at the shop, however, the girl at the front desk told me that the repairs were NOT complete and that the call was a mistake.

I got a call a few days later asking why I hadn’t come to pick up my vehicle. I was told that my rental car allowance would be cut off if I didn't pick up my SUV immediately. So I went back to Sterling Auto Body. This time, I was given my keys and led out to my SUV. The repairs were NOT complete. The shop guy told me that I was looking at the wrong part of my SUV; that the damage left on it was not accident related. I showed him the estimate which approved the repairs to that area, and also pointed out the arrows still drawn on my SUV with a big “OK” beside them. I left the SUV at the shop again.

It was another week before I got my SUV back. I took off work for a THIRD time to pick it up. I will never use Sterling Auto Body again.

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