The GEICO Gecko

That little lizard is everywhere.

That little lizard is everywhere.

The GEICO gecko might not have the cult-like following of Progressive’s Flo, or the longevity of the Allstate good hands symbol, the Hartford stag or MetLife’s snoopy, but he has shown some plucky lasting power for such a little guy. Whether you think he is cute or just want to stomp on him, GEICO is confident enough in him to have kept him on for going on six years.

The voice of the GEICO gecko (a gold dust day gecko to be specific), who is apparently from “down under” is actually the voice of English actor and comedian Paul Morgan.

Before Mr. Morgan, he was “played” by Jake Wood who used a casual and relaxed cockney accent. Even before Wood, actor Lance Baxter took a turn doing the voice-overs. The very first GEICO gecko was a very formal and aristocratic-sounding Kelsey Grammer.

We aren’t really supposed to know where the gecko is actually from; that gives him some intrigue. Even the other actors in his commercials cannot agree whether he sounds English or Australian or something else entirely.

Whether you have any insurance policies with GEICO or not, the company is all too happy to sell you branded merchandise. The cheeky little gecko can be found on golf club covers, beach balls, tee-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, bibs, blankets and hats. You can get a gecko luggage tag or even a calendar featuring the little green guy.

Can’t decide what the little ones need for Christmas? You can buy the little gecko in a plastic figurine or a plush toy. Or you can ask GEICO to create a completely custom product to fulfill your whims.

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